Junior High
Academic UIL


One Act Play: December 8-9, 2017 at Chapel Hill HS
Speaking Events: February 9, 2018 at Kilgore
MS Academic Events: February 10, 2018 at Gladewater MS

JH Interest Forms 2017-18
JH Sign-up Sheet 2017-18
Practice Schedule 2017-18

Overall Totals:
1st place- Spring Hill with 929.1 points
2nd place- Bullard with 783.5 with points
3rd place - Kilgore with 595.3 points
4th place- Gilmer with 351.5 points
5th place- Gladewater with 322.5 points
6th place- Chapel Hill with 295 points

8th Grade: 1st Place
7th Grade: 1st Place
6th Grade: 2nd Place

8th Grade- Individuals
Jaisha Bashir- Art 7th, Editorial Writing 6th
Gracie Schmidt- Art 2nd, Maps/Graphs/Charts
Jocelyn Salaises- Art, Maps/Graphs/Charts
Jacob Kimbrough- Calculator 1st, Chess 6th, Oral Reading Prose 4th
Marshall Bodenheimer- Calculator 2nd, Math 1st, Number Sense 1st
Whitten Bowles- Calculator 6th, Math 3rd, Number Sense 2nd
Brody Barnhill- Chess 3rd, Dictionary 3rd, Maps/Graphs/Charts 4th, Spelling
Carson Barnhill-Chess, Dictionary 4th, Science 2nd
Peyton Borens- Dictionary 1st, Impromptu Speaking
Daniela Ventura- Listening Skills 6th
Kirsten Saha- Listening Skills
Valerie Ferrell- Listening Skills 4th, Social Studies 6th, Impromptu Speaking
David McFatridge- Math 2nd, Number Sense 3rd
Kennedy Croom- Science, Oral Reading Poetry 1st
Brandon Krenek- Science, Social Studies
Madeleine Machado- Social Studies
Maz Morton- Spelling 5th, Modern Oratory 1st, Oral Reading Poetry 5th
Taylor White- Modern Oratory 3rd, Impromptu Speaking
Samantha Schott- Modern Oratory 2nd  
Najah Jackson- Ready Writing
Irianna Powell- Ready Writing
Brian Vaca- Ready Writing
Caitlyn Herndon- Oral Reading Prose
Rachel Petree- Oral Reading Prose 6th
Christa Thomas- Oral Reading Poetry 6th
Jenna Owen- Editorial Writing 4th

8th Grade- Team
Listening- 3rd Team
Science- 4th Team
Calculator- 1st Team
Number Sense- 1st Team
Chess- 1st Team
Math- 1st Team
Social Studies- 3rd Team
Dictionary- 1st Team
Spelling- 4th Team
Art- 1st Team
Maps, Graphs, and Charts- 3rd Team

7th Grade- Individuals
Cheyenne Hall- Impromptu Speaking, Social Studies
Zach Couch- Impromptu Speaking 1st
Easton Ballard- Maps/Graphs/Charts 6th, Calculator 2nd, Math 1st, Number Sense 1st
Ashton Thomas- Maps/Graphs/Charts 8th, Calculator 1st, Listening 3rd, Number Sense 2nd
Addison McQuitty- Modern Oratory 3rd
Ashlyn Smith- Modern Oratory
Mia Traylor- Modern Oratory, Oral Reading Poetry
Laura Rowe- Ready Writing 4th, Art 2nd
Abby Wallace- Ready Writing 5th
Macey Buchanan-Ready Writing
Angelique Perdue- Oral Reading Prose
Keira Keys- Oral Reading Prose
Maci Williams- Oral Reading Prose, Chess 14th, Spelling
Lainee Cornell- Oral Reading Poetry, Art 3rd, Spelling
Erin Gregson- Oral Reading Poetry
Jacob Donahue- Editorial Writing, Math 3rd, Number Sense 3rd, Science 3rd
Hannah Haney- Editorial Writing 5th
Caroline Wessman- Art, Science
Vallen Dennis- Art 1st
Ashley Lizza- Art 3rd
Marshal Lipsey- Calculator, Dictionary 2nd
Judson Warren- Chess 9th
Sofia Massare- Chess 10th, Listening 6th, Spelling 1st
Nick Bodenheimer- Dictionary, Math 9th
Ethan Guidroz- Dictionary 4th
Thomas Pecot- Listening 1st
Ben Puckett- Science

7th Grade- Team
Listening-1st Team
Calculator- 1st Team
Chess- 4th Team
Number Sense-1st Team
Math- 1st Team
Social Studies- 4th Team
Dictionary- 1st Team
Spelling- 3rd Team
Science- 2nd Team
Art- 1st Team
Maps, Graphs, and Charts- 5th Team

6th Grade- Individuals
Jaden Giddings- Art, Oral Reading Poetry
Erin Hunnicutt- Art 4th, Maps/Graphs/Charts 9th
Morgan Greenville- Art 2nd
Mario Alchammas- Calculator 1st, Number Sense 1st
Levi Ragsdale- Calculator 2nd, Chess, Impromptu Speaking 5th
Emory Allen- Calculator, Math 4th
Corden Blount- Chess 3rd
Jace Jones- Chess, Number Sense 2nd, Ready Writing
Halee Bray- Dictionary 3rd
Camryn Stacey- Dictionary 1st, Oral Reading Prose 6th
Lindsey Hall- Dictionary 4th
Carson Wallace- Listening Skills 4th, Impromptu Speaking
Meredith Roberts- Listening Skills, Impromptu Speaking
Nick Jacobus- Listening Skills
Gersain Saenz- Math 2nd
Jax Stovall- Math 3rd,
Davion Simpson- Number Sense 4th
Abby Hall- Music Memory
Emma Watts- Music Memory
Cara Hicks- Music Memory
Rylie Mars- Social Studies
Sophia Trnavsky- Social Studies, Editorial Writing
Shailyn Higginbetham- Social Studies
Elijah Mayhew- Spelling 1st
Ryan McClain- Spelling
Andrew Northern- Spelling, Ready Writing 1st
Sam Lepire- Maps/Graphs/Charts 9th
Davin Martin- Maps/Graphs/Charts 12th
Clayton Quinn- Modern Oratory 1st
Abigail Caron- Modern Oratory 2nd
Dina Zeid- Modern Oratory 3rd
Blythe Davis- Ready Writing 4th
Madison Fleet- Oral Reading Prose
Zen Estrella- Oral Reading Prose
John Hickman- Oral Reading Poetry
Madison Williams- Oral Reading Poetry
Zach Wood- Editorial Writing

6th Grade- Team
Listening-3rd Team
Calculator- 1st Team
Chess- 3rd Team
Number Sense-1st Team
Math- 1st Team
Social Studies- 6th Team
Dictionary- 1st Team
Spelling- 3rd Team
Science- 2nd Team
Art- 1st Team
Maps, Graphs, and Charts- 5th Team
Music Memory- 6th Team

Spring Hill: 1st Place
8th Grade: 1st Place
7th Grade: 1st Place
6th Grade: 1st Place

8th Grade- Individuals
Gabriel Adair- Listening 4th Place
Kaitryn Johnson- Listening 4th Place, Oral Reading Prose 6th
Marissa Seyer- Calculator 1st
Austin Martin- Calculator 2nd
Logan Smith- Number Sense 2nd, Chess 3rd
Nick Vadasz- Number Sense 5th, Math 1st, Editorial Writing 6th, Impromptu Speaking 1st
Ben Parodi- Chess 2nd, Ready Writing 2nd
Bryce Wallace- Dictionary 4th
Ryan Lepire- Dictionary 2nd
Dylan Hutchison- Dictionary 5th
Noor Badar- Spelling 2nd
Hannah Stark- Oral Reading Prose 3rd
Emilee Schell- Impromptu Speaking 4th, Modern Oratory 5th
Helen Ruan- Modern Oratory 3rd
Matthew Nguyen- Modern Oratory 6th

8th Grade- Team
Listening- 3rd Team
Science- 1st Team
Calculator- 2nd Team
Number Sense- 2nd Team
Chess- 1st Team
Math- 1st Team
Social Studies- 6th Team
Dictionary- 1st Team
Spelling- 4th Team
Art- 2nd Team
Maps, Graphs, and Charts- 6th Team

7th Grade- Individuals
Nathan Taylor- Listening 9th place
Valerie Ferrell- Listening 4th place
Kaleigh Kogler- Science 4th, Spelling 1st
Kennedy Croom- Science 1st, Oral Reading Poetry 2nd
Jacob Kimbrough- Calculator 1st, Oral Reading Prose 3rd
Brandon Krenek- Calculator 2nd
Hadleigh Childers- Calculator 4th
Whitten Bowles- Number Sense 1st, Math 2nd
Marshall Bodenheimer- Number Sense 2nd, Math 1st, Social Studies 1st
David McFatridge- Number Sense 4th
Carson Barnhill- Chess 6th, Social Studies 6th, Dictionary 3rd
Brody Barnhill- Chess 3rd, Maps/Graphs/Charts 2nd
Peyton Borens- Dictionary 5th
Gracie Schmidt- Art 1st
Jaisha Bashir- Art 7th, Editorial Writing 1st
Janaiya Mayfield- Art 3rd
Olivia Orren- Spelling 2nd, Modern Oratory- 1st
Maz Morton- Spelling 5th, Oral Reading Poetry 5th
Najah Jackson- Ready Writing 6th
Rachel Petree- Impromptu Speaking 5th
Taylor White- Modern Oratory 3rd
Samantha Schott- Modern Oratory 5th

7th Grade- Team
Listening- 3rd Team
Science-2nd Team
Calculator- 1st Team
Number Sense- 1st Team
Chess- 1st Team
Math- 1st Team
Social Studies- 1st Team
Dictionary- 1st Team
Spelling- 1st Team
Art- 1st Team
Maps, Graphs, and Charts- 2nd Team

6th Grade- Individuals
Sofia Massare- Listening 2nd, Number Sense 3rd, Spelling 8th, Ready Writing 3rd
Ashton Thomas- Listening 1st, Calculator 3rd, Number Sense 2nd, Math 2nd, Maps/Graphs/Charts 4th
Easton Ballard- Calculator 2nd, Number Sense 1st, Math 1st
Marshall Lipsey- Calculator 1st, Dictionary 3rd
Nick Bodenheimer- Math 3rd, Social Studies 4th, Dictionary 2nd
Ben Puckett- Social Studies 5th
Cheyenne Hall- Social Studies 8th
Vallen Dennis- Spelling 9th
Layla Tennison- Spelling 11th
Caroline Wessman- Art 2nd
Erin Gregson- Art 3rd
Angelique Perdue- Oral Reading Prose 5th
Zach Couch- Impromptu Speaking 1st
Mia Traylor- Modern Oratory 4th
Addison McQuitty- Modern Oratory 6th
Ashlynn Smith- Modern Oratory 2nd

6th Grade- Team
Listening-1st Team
Calculator- 1st Team
Chess- 5th Team
Music Memory- 4th Team
Number Sense-1st Team
Math- 1st Team
Social Studies- 1st Team
Dictionary- 1st Team
Spelling- 3rd Team
Art- 1st Team
Maps, Graphs, and Charts- 3rd Team



Junior High Math/Science Team State Results
Spring Hill Math Science Team: 6th place overall

Individual Results:
Landon Kokenzie- 6th place Number Sense, 31st place Math, 13th place Science
Kavin Patel- 12th place Math, 22nd place Science
Lexi Penn- 20th place Calculator
Ben Parodi- 16th place Number Sense
Nick Vadasz- 13th place Number Sense, 35th place Math, 11th place Science
Matthew Nguyen- 17th place Math, 17th place Science
Marissa Seyer- 16th place Calculator
Marshall Bodenheimer- 2nd place Number Sense, 1st place Math, 10th place Science
Whitten Bowles- 5th place Number Sense, 11th place Math
Jacob Kimbrough- 16th place Calculator
David McFatridge- 17th place Number Sense, 21st place Math
Brandon Krenek- 11th place Math, 16th place Science


2014-2015 District UIL Academic Team Champion Results Overall Team:
1st Spring Hill (951 pts)
2nd Bullard (611 pts)
3rd Kilgore (583 pts)
6th Grade Team
1st Spring Hill (369 pts)
2nd Bullard (176 pts)
3rd Gilmer (168 pts)
7th Grade Team
1st Spring Hill (284 pts)
2nd Kilgore (244 pts)
3rd Bullard (207 pts)
8th Grade Team
1st Spring Hill (292 pts)
2nd Chapel Hill (232 pts)
3rd Bullard (205 pts)

Here are the team results:
Art 6th Grade- 2nd Place Team: Gracie Schmidt, Jocelyn Salaises, Jaisha Bashir
Art 7th Grade-2nd Place Team: Felicity Jacob, Hope Haney, Rylie Smith
Art 8th Grade-1st Team: Haidi Estrada, Carolina Diaz, Estella Roster
Calculator 6th Grade-1st Team: Taylor Hastings, Jacob Kimbrough, David McFatridge
Calculator 7th Grade- 3rd Team: Marissa Seyer, Brooke Coggins, Hannah Stark
Calculator 8th Grade- 3rd Team: Landon Kokenzie, Lexi Penn, Fatima Massare
Chess 6th Grade: 2nd Team: Carson Barnhill, Brody Barnhill, Colby Bowles
Chess 7th Grade: 1st Team: Ben Parodi, Dylan Barlow, Austin Massey
Chess 8th Grade: 3rd Team: Hannah Bienhoff, Blake Everett, Tre Brasher
Dictionary 6th Grade: 1st Team: Carson Barnhill, Brody Barnhill, Najah Jackson
Dictionary 7th Grade: 1st Team: Austin Green, Marissa Seyer, Emily Hornbeck
Dictionary 8th Grade: 1st Team: Allie Sloan, Kinsey Smith, Allie Robinett
Listening Skills 6th Grade: 1st Team: Nathan Taylor, Jacob Kimbrough, Daniela Ventura
Listening Skills 7th Grade: 3rd Team: Nicole Parodi, Felicity Jacob, Kaitryn Johnson
Listening Skills 8th Grade: 1st Team: Estella Roster, Fatima Massare, Kinsey Smith
Math 6th Grade: 1st Team: Marshall Bodenheimer, Whitten Bowles, Brandon Krenek
Math 7th Grade: 2nd Team: Jonas Roberts, Matthew Nguyen, Haden Bray
Math 8th Grade: 2nd Team: Landon Kokenzie, Kavin Patel, Grace LeGrand
Number Sense 6th Grade: 2nd Team: Marshall Bodenheimer, Whitten Bowles, Brody Barnhill
Number Sense 7th Grade: 2nd Team: Jonas Roberts, Haden Bray, Nick Vadasz
Number Sense 8th Grade: 1st Team: Grace LeGrand, Landon Kokenzie, Sawyer Smith
Music Memory 6th Grade: Taylor Brewer, Jocelyn Salaises, Jaisha Bashir
Science 7th Grade: 2nd Team: Helen Ruan, Nick Vadasz, Gabriel Adair
Science 8th Grade: 1st Team: Raygan Barnhill, Kaleb Saxon, Tyler Newman
Social Studies 6th Grade: Marshall Bodenheimer, Whitten Bowles, Brandon Krenek
Social Studies 7th Grade: 2nd Team: Craig Hunnicutt, Dylan Hutchison, Will Patterson
Social Studies 8th Grade: 1st Team: Micah Moore, Wyatt Simpson, Blake Everett
Spelling 6th Grade: 1st Team: Olivia Orren, Kelan McKay, Rachel Doss
Spelling 7th Grade: 2nd Team: Grace Iltis, Shaniyah Lewis, Shristi Khatry
Spelling 8th Grade: 1st Team: Harrison Pecot, Kaleb Saxon, Aaron Milam
Impromptu Speaking 6th Grade: Rachel Petree, Brandy Gonzalez, Caitlyn Herndon
Impromptu Speaking 7th Grade: Nick Vadasz, Zoe Goudarzi, Emily Schell
Impromptu Speaking 8th Grade: Macy Borens, Fatima Massare, Hannah Bienhoff
Modern Oratory 6th Grade: Olivia Orren, Taylor White, Samanatha Schott
Modern Oratory 7th Grade: Brooke Coggins, Matthew Nguyen, Kathryn Jordan
Modern Oratory 8th Grade: Tyler Newman, Rayhan Barnhill, Allie Robinett
Ready Writing 6th Grade: Valerie Ferrell, Irianna Powell, Hadley Childers
Ready Writing 7th Grade: Craig Hunnicutt, Hannah Yoder, Tori Hester
Ready Writing 8th Grade: Sarah Peluso, Taylor Hicks, Laney Driggers
Oral Reading Prose 6th Grade: Jacob Kimbrough
Oral Reading Prose 8th Grade: Kelsey Darby
Oral Reading Poetry 6th Grade: Kennedy Croom, Olivia Orren
Oral Reading Poetry 7th Grade: McKenzie Hill, Anna Adams, Felicity Jacob
Oral Reading Poetry 8th Grade: Kaitlyn Whitsett, Ashley Hernandez, Stephanie Pena
Editorial Writing 6th Grade: Brandy Gonzalez, Rachel Petree, Jaisha Bashir
Editorial Writing 7th Grade: Kalen Barlow, Zoe Goudarzi, Lexi Baker
Editorial Writing 8th Grade: Adriana Solis, Renee Petree, Brandt Varenell
Maps, Graphs, Charts 6th Grade: 3rd Team: Colton Goettle, Nathan Taylor, Gracie Schmidt
Maps, Graphs, Charts 7th Grade: 2nd Team: Kaden Rogers, Kaitryn Johnson, Brooke Coggins
Maps, Graphs, Charts 8th Grade: 1st Team: Raygan Barnhill, Kavin Patel, Lexi Penn


Here are the individual results:
6th Grade
Gracie Schmidt- 1st Art, 6th Maps/Graphs/Charts
Jaisha Bashir- 3rd Art
Taylor Hastings- 4th Calculator
Jacob Kimbrough- 1st Calculator, 2nd Listening, 4th Oral Reading- Prose
Carson Barnhill- 6th Chess, 2nd Dictionary
Brody Barnhill- 4th Chess, 3rd Dictionary
Najah Jackson- 4th Dictionary
Nathan Taylor- 1st Listening, 5th Maps/Graphs/Charts
Marshall Bodenheimer-1st Math, 1st Number Sense, 1st Social Studies
Whitten Bowles- 2nd Math, 2nd Number Sense
Olivia Orren- 1st Spelling, 1st Modern Oratory
Kelan McKay- 4th Spelling
Rachel Doss- 2nd Spelling
Rachel Petree- 4th Impromptu
Brandy Gonzalez- 2nd Impromptu, 6th Editorial Writing
Taylor White- 3rd Modern Oratory
Samantha Schott- 4th Modern Oratory
Valerie Ferrell- 6th Ready Writing
Irianna Powell- 5th Ready Writing
Colton Goettle- 7th Maps/Graphs/Charts
7th Grade
Hope Haney-3rd Art
Marissa Seyer-4th Calculator, 3rd Dictionary
Brooke Coggins- 1st Calculator, 1st Modern Oratory, 2nd Maps/Graphs/Charts
Austin Massey- 5th Chess
Austin Green- 6th Dictionary
Emily Hornbeck- 1st Dictionary
Nicole Parodi- 5th Listening
Jonas Roberts- 4th Math, 4th Number Sense
Matthew Nguyen- 5th Math, 2nd Modern Oratory
Nick Vadasz- 6th Science, 2nd Impromptu
Gabriel Adair- 3rd Science
Craig Hunnicutt- 3rd Social Studies
Dylan Hutchison- 5th Social Studies
Grace Iltis- 3rd Spelling
Zoe Goudarzi- 3rd Impromptu
Emily Schell- 1st Impromptu
Lexi Baker- 5th Editorial Writing
Kaden Rogers- 9th Maps/Graphs/Charts
Kaitryn Johnson- 2nd Maps/Graphs/Charts
8th Grade
Haidi Estrada- 6th Art
Carolina Diaz- 5th Art
Estella Roster- 3rd Art, 2nd Listening
Landon Kokenzie- 4th Calculator, 2nd Math, 2nd Number Sense
Lexi Penn- 5th Calculator, 8th Maps/Graphs/Charts
Fatima Massare- 5th Listening
Hannah Bienhoff- 5th Chess, 4th Impromptu
Allie Sloan- 1st Dictionary
Kinsey Smith- 6th Dictionary
Allie Robinett- 4th Dictionary
Kavin Patel- 5th Math, 4th Maps/Graphs/Charts
Sawyer Smith- 1st Number Sense
Micah Moore- 1st Social Studies
Wyatt Simpson- 6th Social Studies
Harrison Pecot- 4th Spelling
Kaleb Saxon- 1st Spelling
Aaron Milam- 2nd Spelling
Macy Borens- 3rd Impromptu
Raygan Barnhill- 1st Maps/Graphs/Charts



2013-2014 UIL Results

We won 1st place in 6th and 7th grade levels as well as 1st overall.

Congratulations to these students for individual achievements:

6th Grade
Payton Windham - 3rd art
Marissa Seyer - 5th calculator
Nicholas Vadasz - 3rd calculator, 3rd number sense, 3rd impromptu speaking
Brooke Coggins - 1st calculator, 6th maps, graphs, charts
Dylan Barlow - 3rd chess
Ben Parodi - 6th chess
Austin Green - 2nd dictionary
Emily Hornbeck - 1st dictionary
Konstance Mason -  5th dictionary
Lexi Baker - 5th editorial writing
Hannah Yoder - 4th editorial writing
Zoe Goudarzi - 3rd editorial writing
Lauren Bridges - 5th listening
Jonas Roberts - 3rd mathematics
Haden Bray - 1st mathematics
Karrigan Brown - 6th number sense
Austin Martin - 3rd number sense
Grace Iltis - 4th music memory, 5th spelling
Kennedy Carson - 6th social studies
Emilee Schell - 5th impromptu speaking

7th Grade
Estella Roster - 1st art
Sawyer Smith - 2nd calculator, 2nd mathematics, 1st number sense
Landon Kokenzie - 3rd calculator, 4th mathematics, 3rd number sense
Lexi Penn - 1st calculator
Evan DuMond - 6th calculator, 6th number sense (competed in 8th grade in both)
Hannah Bienhoff - 2nd chess, 1st impromptu speaking, OAP All-Star Cast
Kinsey Smith - 5th dictionary
Allie Sloan - 4th dictionary
Harrison Pecot - 1st editorial writing
Courtney Spier - 3rd listening
Raygan Barnhill - 3rd maps, graphs, charts
Kavin Patel - 5th maps, graphs, charts
Carson McNabb - 2nd number sense
Micah Moore - 2nd social studies
Jessica Hampton - 5th social studies
Kaleb Saxon - 1st spelling
Amarah Sweaks - 4th spelling

8th Grade
Kaitlyn Morris - 5th art, 2nd Listening
Brooklyn White - 2nd calculator
Carter Gillman - 2nd chess
Brayden Yantis - 5th editorial writing
Mallory Wallace - 6th listening, 3rd impromptu speaking, OAP All-star cast honorable mention
Trent Thompson - 5th maps, graphs, charts
Skyler Seyer - 1st number sense
Jason Galeas - 2nd impromptu speaking, 1st spelling
Hannah Gossage - 4th spelling
Alexandra Jones - OAP All-star cast - honorable mention
Makinzee McWilliams - OAP tech award
Laura Hermann - OAP tech award