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Askew shares the "Cowboy Way"
by Brenna Boudreaux, formerly of The Panther's Paw

While Officer Roger Askew sat in front of the small television as a boy watching a man riding a horse with his lasso flying high in the cool blue sky, he pictured himself being that strong man, catching the bad guys and getting the beautiful girl in the end. Askew smiled wide in excitement, because he knew he would be that cowboy one day. "When I was a kid watching cowboy movies, I realized that there were two kinds of cowboys, good ones and bad ones," School Resource Officer Askew said. "I then went to study the difference and I decided that I wanted to be a good cowboy for five reasons." Askew's reasons include Cowboys never get killed, they wore the fanciest clothes, they had a six shooter and knew how to use it, they rode the finest horse and at the end they always got the girl. Askew considers this to be the "Cowboy Way" and shares it with students.

"My grandmother was my first best friend, Roger Staubach was an all around good person, and Coach Reed inspired me to try hard when I was ready to quit," Askew said..

"Riding bulls was very exciting for me, it was like an adrenalin rush," Askew said. "The reason I became a police officer was because I wanted to help people." As Askew got older, he brought along the values he learned from all the people who inspired him."By sharing my experiences with students, I feel like it's a way of giving back to all of the people who helped me through my life," Askew said.
Roger Askew
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