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2016 Spring Grants

Total $26,671.88
Technology – Chromebooks and iPads –District / “Foundation Partnership for Technology” - $12,000------This District grant will benefit and support all four campuses at SHISD with the district purchase of Chromebooks or iPads w/carts for each campus.
Large projector screen for gymnasium – Primary – Julie Heflin “Screen Shot for
Success” $1645-------The large projector screen will provide a more visible opportunity
for students in the primary PE classes and also Music and Movement as well as our
Fabulous Friday fun each week where students receive awards!
3-D Color Printer – High School – Jayne Pleasant “Learning in Living Color” - $1969 ---
Having the ability of a 3D printer will give students and teachers alike the opportunity to
explore items that were once only available in one dimension in a viable, touchable
format.  Replicating items such as tools, fossils and various other items in 3D opens up a
new, exciting format for students to study and learn.
Elmos – District – Laura Jordan “No Classroom Left Behind” - $9860 ---Students can
only learn when they comprehend or connect with the material. Visual presentations
help the teacher to make that connection to the student, and in turn, help the student
to comprehend.  It is an integral part of the teaching process. 
Monthly- Staff Development - 2 recipients to attend the TMEA Clinic/Convention


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