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Thank You To Our Donors!

The Panther 1000 are committed to contributing $1000 per year for 5 years!
Thank you to those listed in the link below who have committed to the cause.
panther 1000

2006 - Spring Hill ISD Education Foundation - 2015

LEGACY $25,000+

Dennis Bowles Family
Richard Manley Family
Mark Wallis Family


AEP Southwestern Electric Power
Spring Hill State Bank
Randy and Lynn Akin
Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Bufkin III
Randy and Amy Curtis
Paul and Susie French
David and Dawne Tadlock

INVESTOR $5,000+

Rae and Dennis Blevins
Steve and Nicole Bodenheimer
Julian and Jackie Bowes
Brookshires Grocery Store
Carmela Davis, CPA
Chris and Erin Dunnahoo
Glenn and Liz Gibson
Kevin and Melissa Dobbs
Ryan and Heather Hill
Dr. Brian and Trayce King
Dalton Lipsey State Farm Insurance
Tempe and Chris Kirby
Warren and Marilyn Locke
Martha and James E. Mauldin Sr.
Charles Dr. Theresa Martin
David and Pamela Moore
Patterson Automotive Group
Randy Peters - Peters Chevrolet
Mr. and Mrs. Darrel Pliler
Robroy Industries
John and Kristie Seymour
Bruce Verelli
Steve and Melissa Voelzke

PARTNER $2,500+

Robin and Kyle Adams
Kelly and John Alm
James J. Bellamy
Bart and Jennifer Blake
Bernaldez Family
Chuck King - Chick-Fil-A
Copeland Insurance
Discount Wheel and Tire
Johnny and Carole Collier
Mike and Gloria Crossland
Charles Farmer, CLU
Betsy and Hall Griffin
Jerry and Lisa Harris
Lance and Elizabeth Hutcheson
Walt and Andrea Irwin
Inhouse Associates
Roger and Vicki Melton
Jeff and Christy Moore
Karen and James Nichols
Amy and Jeff Riestenberg
Joanie Schager
Gary and Kathy Skinner
Julie and Dan Sorey
Kelly and Dave Spurrier
Mark and Judy Stone
Texana Bank
Texas Bank and Trust 
Texas Iron and Steel
Chuck and Babette Tomberlain
Suzi and Ken Turner
Elizabeth Ann Waggoner
Danny R. and Nancy Watkins
David and Karen Wright

ADVOCATE $1,000+

American Exterminating
Kara and John Bolster
Sherry and Bill Bolt
Denise and Terry Bolton  Custom Signs
BP Fabric of America Fund
B and B Wood Products, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Clay Brelsford 
Daryl and Diane Buckelew
Mary and Sam Clark
Citizens National Bank
Copeland Group
EFC Valve and Controls
Pokie and Jay Dean
Tammy and Sammy Dishman
Kim and Dan Droege
Tracey and George Edwards
Torrie and Dan Fiscus 
Michelle and Phillip Ford
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Hamilton
Renee and Scott Hamilton
Melinda and Brent Hargis
Jill and Scott Harmon
Terri and Darren Hill
Elizabeth and Will Hollas
Terri and Todd Johnson
Tina and Danny Lee
Longview Regional MC
Longview University Center
The Maid Rite Company
Michelle and Matt Malloy
Melinda and Neal McGaughey
Nancy and Terry McKinnley
Ann and Bill Miller
Barbara and James Modisette
Douglas W. Moore
Susan and Wayne Noon 
Gina Lowell -Portraits and More by Gina
 Michael and Cyndi Salmon
Jose Sanchez Law Firm, P.C.
Diana and Dean Sanders
Spring Hill ISD Employees
 Spring Hill PTA
Julie and Donny Stuckey
Texas Eastman
Sabrina and Kevin Walpole
Deidre and James White
Angie and Tim Womack
Zeid Women’s Health Center


Annette and Toby Adams
Barbara Alexander
Mary Alexander
Tara Alexander
Cindy and Joe Alford
Alumni of Spring Hill
Craig Ancinec
Mark Anderson
John Antoni
Tammy Bailey
Daniel Baker
Susan and Larry Baker
Dr. Misty Baker
Claire and David Balliet
Michael Barnes
Megan and Jason Barnette
Anessa and Dwayne Barnhill
Carl Barton
Lillian and Calvin Bass
Debby and Jim Bass
Robert Bassett
Patrick Beams
Travis Beavers
James Bellamy
Marcy Benham
Kyle Bennett
Mary Lou Berlin
Jim Bogue
Tracy Brown
Stacy and Kevin Brumley
Karen Brundrett
Dennis Bulgrien
Patricia A. Burkes
Teri A. Burns
Elizabeth and Jeffrey Butrum
Dana and Pat Caldarera
Rebecca Canter
James Castleberry 
Bruce Cheatham
Paige Childers
Sherry and Steve Clark
Sonya and Barry Cline
Dee A. Coker
Rhetta and Glenn Collier
Jennifer L. Collier
Community Bank
Stacy and Eric Conner
 Traci and Shane Cowan
Georgia and Jack Crawford
Barbara Croxton
Tandy and Dana Deason
Kimberly Decherd Borhani
Peggy and Don Denman
Kathy and Stephen Dennis
Joanie and Rob Dickson
Kay and Ricky Doss
Karen and Jeremy Dumond
Patti Dunnahoo
Traci A. Dzierzanowksi-Dees
Loran Eason
Linda Edmonson
Tracey and George Edwards
Joe Elliott
Christy and Brent Ellis
Tonya and Kevin Emberton
Sherry Ann England
Tina Engledow
Penny Fleet
Holly Ford
Lisa Denby
Kenny Foley
Joan Fox
Richard Fritz
Bob Garner
Sharon and Johnny Gathright
Lisa Gathright
Claudine and Wade Giffin 
Dana Gilbert
Allison R. Gillentine
Marcha L. Good
Tammy and Steve Graff
Lauren and Andy Graham
Nancy K. Green
Robert Greenlee
Shelley and Terry Gregson
Betsy and Hal Griffen
Regina and Johnny Griffith
Deanna and Robert Guarisco
Pamela Haggerty
Leslie and James Harold
Connie Harper
Bret Harris
Lucille Harris
Amy and Gregory Hatzis
Perry Hearnsberger
Jason Henderson
Richard Henson
Charlene and Charles Heydon
Laura Hill
Linda Holbert
Michelle Holstrom
Joni and Matt Howard
Tina and David Heitt
I HOP Longview
Cindy and Terry Irby
J&J Plumbing
Charae and Jerry Jones
Edwards Jones
Karyn Jones
Carrie and Wes Jones
Reba Jordan
Debra L. Karamy
Betty and Leon Kirby
Toni and Steve Kilpatric


Rod Knighten
Deborah and Travis Kreger
Jan and Rod LaJoie
Jason Lane
Denise A. Lattier
Mary and Don Lawler
Richard Lazarus
Azelia P. Lee
Carol Lee
David Lee
Liela LeTourneau
Kayla Lindsey
Paula and Scott Loden
Amy and Kelly Long
Elizabeth and Emil Mach
Lynne Maddox
Elbert Malone
Johnette Malone
Linda D. Maloney
Tim Martin
Jodi and Bill Martin
Edward Martinez
Paula and Bill Maxwell
Peggy Mayfield
Teisha and Darren McCain
Andrea McCutcheon
Carol S. Dowell
Amy McFatridge
Jeanie and Keith McLemore
Louis McMillian
Martha McMillian
Lori McNeese
Colleen and Craig Medley
Suzy and Craig Meek
Vicki and Roger Melton
Larry Merriman
Clinton Mervicker
Ann and Bill Miller
Patti and Billy Miller
Ken Miller
Tammy Mitchell
Douglas Moore Kimberly Moore
Hollis R. Morton
Cathy and David Reed
Deanna and Charlie Mueller
Clark Mundt
Adrienne Gray Myers
Zach Myers
Jo Ann and Ron Navara
Mitzi Neely
Kristy Newell
Sharlet L. Newkirk
Leslie and Carl Newman
Rachelle Nolley 
Teresa O’Dell
Tommy Ochoa
Mary Ochoa
Rita and Frank Odom
Kris and Randy Oertel
Kim and Michael Orman
Ann and Buddy Owles
Joye Pannelle
Leslie and Kyle Patrick
Leslie and Darrell Paull
Tamra and David Penn
Sharon Perez
Janet Peterson
Doug Philbrick
Stephanie Phillips-Stoddard
Dewayne Pierce
Jayne and Jimmy Pleasant
Karen and James Plumlee
Darcy and Bill Poe
Marla and Dwaine Pope
Kevin Porter
Anna Pratt
Cindy and Dennis Quirk
Deborah Reed
J.K. Reid
Brandy Rhodes
Liz and Charles Riveire
Dana Robertson
Elaine and George Robertson
Kathy and David Samples
Cynthia and David Sanders
Lanette Sapp
Melinda Scott
John David Shelton
Barbara Shurbet
Lisa Shuttlesworth
Debbie and Keith Sloan
Arlee and Keith Small
SmashBurger Christy Smith
Michael Smith
Michelle and Wayne Smith
Narva Snoddy
Ed Snodgrass
Marvin and Peggy Snodgrass
Spring Hill Band Boosters
Spring Hill Primary School
Spring Hill Junior High School
Amy and Doug Stacey
Kelly Stansell
Jerry and Andrea Starks
Jonathan Stovall
Carol L. Strait
Jennifer and Bert Sturrock
Mary Ann Tarr 
Keith Taylor
Trudy and Thomas Taylor
Pat Terrell
Lori Thompson
Melinda and Trip Tidwell
Bonnie and Tommy Tiffin
Frank Tiller
Chris and Patrick Tisdale
Deanna and Jason Turner
Alan Ulcak
Cheryl and Stan Upchurch
John Lee Ussery
Marie Vale
Jan Vanderwal
Peter Vargas
Tisha Walker
Kim and Wade Wallis
Mary and Walter Wallis
Kristopher Wardlaw
Terry Warr
Elizabeth Washburn
Janelle Washburn
Bobby Watkins
Linda and Jimmy Weisinger
Hatsue Wiess
Norma Patrick Wells
George Birney Westbrook
Andrea and Jess Wetsel
Kathy White
Ben White
Anthony White
Jennifer and Chris White
Connie and Tracy White
Pamela Whitehead
Gloria Willeford
Jimmy Willet
Leslie N. Williams
Ryan and Drew Williams
John Williams
Tamara Williams
Lana Wilson
Marilyn Wilson
Burl Wingrove
Stephanie Wolford
Annette Wolverton
Felcia E. Woods
Linda and Don Woody
Sandra Wooten
Terri and John Worley
Carolyn Wynn
Betsy Young
Krista Younger
Normal and Daniel Zapata


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