Students studying

Student-Led Announcements Start the Day at Spring Hill Intermediate

Students at Spring Hill Intermediate begin the school day with video announcements featuring their classmates as anchors. Third, fourth and fifth grade students learn about public speaking by actively participating in the daily announcement video broadcast.

Five different students participate in recording the announcements each day. The announcements are videoed with an iPad in front of a green screen, while another screen is used as a teleprompter.

Every edition features the Pledge of Allegiance, Texas Pledge, school pledge, a moment of silence, the lunch menu, weather forecast, birthdays, and school announcements. Fun and academic related segments such as Joke Of The Day, Counselor's Connection, Fun Fact Of The Day, On This Day In History, Nurse's Health Hint, or Friday Night Sports are also included at times.

Once students have recorded their segments Jenny Caron, teacher and announcement producer, edits the videos and adds background images. 

“The announcements spread information and news throughout the campus, but they also provide an opportunity for students to learn in an engaging and unique way,” said Caron.

Announcements are shown in classrooms at 8 a.m. each school day. The video is also posted on Google Classroom so quarantined students can watch and stay knowledgeable of school activities.
Top right: Parker McFaul, third grade student at Spring Hill Intermediate, records the announcement opening.
Bottom right: Teacher Jenny Caron shows third-grader Mackenzie Corbitt where to stand to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.