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On September 28, 2020, the Spring Hill Board of Trustees approved a 4 1/2 days per week instructional calendar. The vision of Spring Hill ISD is to be a premier school district focused on engaged learning and student success .The action taken by the board is an aggressive step to assure that we continue striving to make this vision a reality. 

Students are successful when their teachers are equipped for success when they enter the classroom.  Providing this additional planning time will allow teachers the opportunity to prepare meaningful lessons leading to enhanced student engagement.  We are confident this new calendar will allow teachers the opportunity to cover the content of a traditional calendar.  


We surveyed parents concerning whether they were in favor of this calendar change. From the responses we received, 89% were in favor of the new calendar.   

October 9th will be our first half-day Friday for all campuses.  Campuses will provide afternoon instruction for those students needing to stay with us for the entire day which ends at 3:25. We will provide transportation at mid-day and again at 3:25 for these students. Friday schedules for the campuses will be as follows:


Primary: Tutorials 7:30 - 7:45; Instruction 7:45 am - 12:20 pm

Intermediate: Tutorials 7:30 - 7:45; Instruction 7:45 am - 12:15 pm

Junior High: Tutorials 8:00 - 8:15; Instruction 8:15 am - 12:53 pm

High School: Tutorials 8:15 - 8:30; Instruction 8:30 am - 1:00 pm


Monday through Thursday schedules will remain the same on all campuses, with the exception of the High School. Beginning on Monday, October 5th, the High School will have tutorials from 8:15 to 8:30 with 1st period classes beginning at 8:30.

Please take a moment and read through our FAQ document concerning our calendar change.  

I would like to thank you for your continued support this year.  


Wayne Guidry                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                


Spring Hill ISD


4½ Day Instructional Week FAQ