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Spring Hill Independent School District is considering Kindergarten through Eighth graders for the Gifted and Talented program. Parents or anyone interested in the educational welfare of the student may refer for the program. Nomination packets are available in the Primary, Intermediate, or Junior High offices, as well as online.
Referrals for 1st-8th grades may be submitted from November 17, 2023 - February 16, 2024.  All forms must be returned to the Primary (1st and 2nd grades), Intermediate (3rd-5th grades) and Junior High (6th-8th grades) offices by February 16, 2024.
Nominations for Kindergarten may be submitted from November 17, 2023 - January 12, 2024. All forms must be returned to the Primary office by January 12, 2024. Kindergarten testing will begin in January 2024 and 1st-8th grades will test in March 2024.  
Information about the Spring Hill ISD gifted and talented program process can be found in the campus handbook. For information, parents may contact the gifted and talented coordinator, Janna Graham at 903-323-7835.
  1. Use depth and complexity within learning
  2. Differentiate learning to their style
  3. Ask open ended questions for higher level thinking