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Required Internet Postings

As required by Texas Education Code TEC 39.0545 and 39.363, Spring Hill ISD has reported the following ratings regarding the District and Campuses.

All requests must be submitted in writing and should contain:  Your name, Address, Phone number, Fax number if available, and Description of the information and/ or document being requested.

All requests must be sent as follows:

  • By mail: Spring Hill Independent School District Public Information Request, 3101 Spring Hill Rd., Longview, TX  75605
  • By email: [email protected]- Subject heading should read "Public Information Request" or "Open Records Request". All requests by email should be directed to this email address only. Requests sent to any other email address will  not be considered a valid Open Records Request and will not trigger the time-frame required by the TPIA.
  • In person: 3101 Spring Hill Rd, Longview, TX  75605

Board Outcome Goal EC M
Board Outcome Goal Early Childhood Literacy
Board Outcome Goal CCMR

The District has the right to refuse entry to or eject any person from property under the District’s control if the person refuses to leave peaceably upon request and:

  1. The individual poses a substantial risk of harm to any person: or
  2. The individual continues to behave in a manner inappropriate for the school setting after having received a verbal or written warning to cease the inappropriate behavior.

A person refused entry or ejected from property controlled by the District under this provision may appeal this action by filing an appeal under FNG(LOCAL). Any appeal will be heard by the Board of Trustees within 90 days, unless an appeal is granted before the district’s board considers the appeal. The decision of the board to grant or deny an appeal is final and may only be further appealed under the applicable provisions of the Texas Education Code, §7.057.

Source: Title 19, Texas Administrative Code §103.1207.
Sallie Avera-Tullberg
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 903-291-2041
Gregg County Special Education Shared Service Arrangement and its member districts of Sabine ISD, Spring Hill ISD, and White Oak ISD are committed to the ongoing process of identifying, locating and evaluating the learning needs of children ages birth through 21 who have suspected disabilities. Read more about “Child Find" in the link that follows. 


The Special Education Information Center (SPEDTex) provides resources and interactive features for increasing family awareness of disabilities and special education processes, with the goal of improving partnerships between schools and families.

Contact information:
Phone: 1-855-773-3839
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